Democratic Committee Nominates Three for Harford Council Seat District F

Contact: Barbara Osborn Kreamer
Communications Co-Director
Harford Democratic Central Committee

For immediate release: March 28, 2023

Havre de Grace, MD: Stacy Stone, an engineer from Forest Greens, Dr. Kevin McKinney, a retired Army Information Technology planner, of Havre de Grace, and Winifred Roche, former executive director of the Maryland Tourism Coalition, also of Havre de Grace, received nods from the Harford Democratic Central Committee tonight for the vacant District F seat on the Harford County Council. 

They and two others appeared tonight for interviews before seven members in person and two participating electronically. The session, which was open to the public, took place in the meeting room of the Havre de Grace Police Department on Pennington Avenue. The committee intends to forward the nominations to the County Council, who have until April 15th to choose among them should MD’s Supreme Court not restore Councilman Jacob Bennett to the post. 

Stacy Stone outlined her thirty (30) years of experience as a civil engineer. She has worked for the Kent County government and then a succession of three major engineering companies in MD. In 2001 she won the Maryland Quality Initiative Award for the Best Large Project for her engineering work for a section of Route I-95 from Baltimore to White Marsh. She is active in her concerns for the Perryman Peninsula where she lives. 

Dr. McKinney is Vice President of the Harford Branch of the NAACP. Until 2022 he was principal advisor to the Director of the Software Engineering Center (SEC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground on acquisition strategy matters associated with transitions, contracts and support of the C4ISR system of Army Depot Maintenance. 

Winifred “Wini” Roche almost won the District F seat in 2018, and she was the Democratic nominee for Council President in 2022. A highlight of her deep advocacy experience is her service as Executive Director of the Maryland Tourism Coalition. The Maryland Tourism Council gave her their top awards in 2010, 2012 and 2013. 

Democratic Central Committee chair Henry Gibbons noted, “As a committee we believe that each of these candidates would honor the intent of the voters who elected Jacob Bennett in the Fall of 2022. Each of these candidates would represent the voters of District F and Harford County with the passion, diligence and thoroughness that they deserve.”

Del. Steve Johnson’s Bill for Library Employees’ Collective Bargaining Rights Up for Jan. 31 Hearing

HB65 is Del. Steve Johnson’s bill to provide collective bargaining rights to some
employees of public libraries. Similar employees in Baltimore County have these rights. HB65 would extend library collective bargaining statewide. It provides for rights to form and participate in unions and restrains anyone from interfering with exercise of these rights.

Dels. Johnson and Lorig Charkoudian will appear before the Appropriations Committee of the House of Delegates to present the bill on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 1 p.m. Citizens may submit electronic testimony. Contact Del. Johnson’s office at 410-841-3280 or for further information about the bill and the testimony process. Citizens can also submit a letter in support of the legislation on the Action Network.

Most employees of the State of MD have the right to form unions, to participate in employee organizations and to bargain collectively. HB65 would give those rights to certain job classes of library public employees in MD. Now those rights can only be established county-by-county. Harford County library employees presently do not have the right to unionize nor to bargain collectively.

The MD Library Association was an important component of the coalition for comparable worth. Pay for librarians increased under an overhaul of the state pay plan decades ago as required by legislation sponsored by then-Del. Barbara Osborn Kreamer. The MD Library Association can be reached at 410-947-5090 or

Leaving No One Behind — A Message for Harford County

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, I had the opportunity, with a resplendently diverse assembly of Marylanders and visitors from many neighboring states, to attend the historic inauguration of Gov. Wes Moore and Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller in Annapolis. Gov. Moore is the first person of color to hold that position in this state, and yet another trailblazing moment for Democrats. The poignancy of the moment cannot be understated — the first Black governor of Maryland took the highest office in the state, mere blocks away from the docks that once received enslaved people.

Coming on the heels of Brooke Lierman’s swearing in as the first woman to hold the office of Comptroller, which was covered by HCDCC’s own Barbara Kreamer, who is a trailblazer in her own right, as the first woman to win a seat on Harford County’s County Council. This event highlighted for me that we, as Democrats, can and should lead the way toward a future that includes all people and confers on all citizens the benefits of a just government and of a prosperous and sustainable economy.

Gov. Moore spoke repeatedly in his inaugural address about the importance of service to our country and to our state. While he spoke humbly about his own military service, Lt. Col. (Ret) Jaime Martinez, who served with him in Afghanistan, describe his commitment to service in considerably more detail, leaving no doubt as to the depth and sincerity of Gov. Moore’s dedication to his mission. I am confident that he will bring the same energy and commitment to his duties as Governor.

Each of us has the opportunity to embody those values of service in our own lives and communities. Our communities function only when supported by informed and engaged citizens who seek to translate their values into actions. And our governments function best when we — as the ultimate stakeholders in the great experiment in representative democracy — come together to influence our government, whether at the polls or between elections. Harford County is no different, and our engagement with our own elected officials will help make sure that we can join Gov. Moore in creating a state that “leaves no one behind.”

Over the next few months, the HCDCC will be organizing Democrats at the most local of levels: the precinct. Our precincts are our neighborhoods, with whom we share the most immediate community. Helping to organize Democrats, perhaps by becoming a precinct captain, is a great way to connect with others in your area who share our values. Please sign up to volunteer!

Sandy Gibbons
Chair of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee

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Thanksgiving in January

Del. Andre Johnson, D-Harford (left), Barbara Osborn Kreamer (center), Del. N. Scott Phillips, D-Baltimore County (right)

It’s harvest time in Maryland for Democrats. While the nation observes Thanksgiving in November, it is now in January that we are reaping the rewards of all our hard work. I cheered on Delegate Brooke Lierman as she was sworn in as Maryland’s first woman Comptroller. The ceremony occurred next to Louis Goldstein’s statue in front of the Comptroller’s office building named for him. I reflected on dancing with him during Maryland’s reception at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta. Brooke’s daughter danced throughout her mother’s speech today to the crowd’s delight.

And last week we, the Maryland Democratic Party, wished a good session to our newly elected and re-elected Democratic legislators. We filled the Westin Hotel banquet room in Annapolis for the annual Legislative Luncheon. The parade of high-level Democrats at the federal and state level was motivating for those of us who labor in counties where we are outnumbered. Our two distinguished U.S. Senators, Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, are stalwarts in the majority. I thanked Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger for his service in Harford. He lamented losing us to the First District and noted that 40% of his district was new territory. Nevertheless, recent press accounts show he still produces for Aberdeen Proving Ground. I thanked him.

Senator Mary-Dulany James is returning to Annapolis, moving up a rung from the House of Delegates to the State Senate. She is reclaiming the seat for us after more than 20 years. Mary-Dulany’s skill and judgment as an attorney will be valuable in the Judicial Proceedings Committee. Del. Steve Johnson returns to the House of Delegates for his second term. As the new Deputy Majority Whip, his devotion to duty is being recognized. The Health and Government Operations Committee welcomes him back. Del. Andre V. Johnson, who reclaimed the Harford County Council – District A seat four years ago, is headed for the Economic Matters Committee. These three have harvested the 34th District for the Democrats.

Our new Governor Wes Moore will be inaugurated on Jan. 18. Rows and rows of chairs are lined up at the end of Rowe Boulevard in anticipation of a cheering throng. I hope he’ll have as sunny and warm a day as Brooke Lierman did for her swearing-in ceremony. It was indeed an auspicious occasion.

Barbara Osborn Kreamer
Harford County Democratic Central Committee, 7th term

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HCDCC Statement on Councilman Jacob Bennett Filing Counterclaim Against Harford County

Councilman Jacob Bennett has filed a counterclaim against the County Executive, and is “asking the court to issue a temporary then permanent order to stop the county from taking further actions to block him from serving in office.” In the meantime, the County Executive continues to impede his ability to perform the duties of his office, represent his constituents, and exercise the necessary checks and balances on the County’s Executive branch.

We urge all citizens of Harford County to call and email the offices of the County Executive and the Council President to demand that the Executive remove all unilaterally imposed restrictions on Councilman Bennett’s ability to serve the Citizens of District F and the County as a whole.

  • County Executive Bob Cassilly
    • Phone: 410-637-3350
    • Email:
  • President of the County Council Patrick Vincenti
    • Phone: 410-638-3525
    • Email:

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Public Comments by the HCDCC Chair to the Harford County Council

Public comments delivered by Henry S. “Sandy” Gibbons, chair of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee, to the Harford County Council on Dec. 13, 2022.

President Vincenti, Vice-president Giangiordano, Councilman Guthrie, Councilman Penman, Councilman Reilly, Councilwoman Boyle-Tsottles, and Councilman Bennett,

On behalf of the Harford Democratic Central Committee (or Loyal Opposition), I congratulate you on your assumption of the office that you now hold. Each of you was elected by the citizens of your district, or by the citizens of the county, who entrusted you with the slice of the future of this county that you now have the opportunity and responsibility to influence. I trust that you will take that task seriously, that you will look out for the interests of all of the voters of the county — not just the ones who voted for you. We entrust you with the sacred duty of exemplifying the representative democratic process in this chamber.

In electing you, we entrust you with preserving, protecting, and building the institutions of our county.  We trust that you will continue to model civility in this chamber, as President Vincenti has ably done during some very trying times! We trust that you will utilize the best available knowledge, data, and information resources to make responsible decisions on behalf of the people you represent, and that you will add to the rational enlightenment of the decision making process a moral sensibility born of the principle of what you do for the least of these, you do for all.  With this principle in mind, I will enumerate a few of our charges to you:

  • We charge you with crafting legislation that benefits all of the people of Harford County, and ask that you pay particular heed to those voices in our communities who call for the rectification of wrongs, for greater justice, and for their humanity to be fully respected.
  • We charge you to address transportation infrastructure in a manner that looks forward rather than into the car-besotted past, to expand public transit options, expanding access for our seniors, students, and those who currently have no other option.
  • We charge you to fully resource our school system, to ensure that the opportunities it confers are spread evenly across the county.
  • We charge you to achieve a balance of economic activity with the protection of the undeveloped spaces — the “Green Infrastructure” — of this county, in all of its districts, so that all of the citizens of the county can continue to enjoy the natural beauty that makes our County a desirable place to live.

We thank you for taking on this responsibility, and wish you all the best in the coming term.

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HCDCC Statement Regarding Councilman Jacob Bennett

The actions of incoming County Executive Bob Cassilly in excluding Councilman Jacob Bennet from the public inauguration ceremony represent nothing less than an affront to the voters of District F, who elected him in a free and fair vote. The Harford County Democratic Central Committee stands by Councilman Bennett as the certified winner of the race in District F. Whatever concerns County Executive Cassilly proffers regarding Councilman Bennett’s eligibility to serve, the HCDCC submits that the decision is not his to make, and that the proper venue to adjudicate conflicts over interpretation of laws is where it always has been — the courts. If he believes that he has a case, he should issue a formal legal challenge rather than attempting to publicly and unilaterally delegitimize the winner of an election.

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Maryland Democratic Party Talking Points

For Oct. 31, 2022

What’s MDP saying this week?

We’re down to single digits in the countdown to Election Day. All the hard work, all the strategizing, the door knocking, the phone-calling has all led to this next week. 

Your hard work and the historical ticket that we’re voting into office is getting noticed. President Biden will be here for a third time next week and Vice President Harris was here this weekend. Why? Because they know that Maryland delivers. We lead. We’re a beacon for the rest of the states to emulate.

A video surfaced this weekend of an official on the other side who was telling GOP voters that they needed to vote late in the day on November 8 to clog up the lines in an effort to undermine the voting system. They’re already planting seeds to claim fraud or question election integrity. That’s the only play left in their miserable playbook. You have NO policies and NO solutions when your only strategy is telling people to stall in line. It’s beyond pathetic. They can delay. But they can’t deny.

Some voters ask about turnout or complacency. Some think we have this wrapped up and should just take the month off. Not. A. Chance. Elections aren’t won with registration numbers, they’re won with votes. We haven’t won anything. The only poll that matters is on November 8. We remind them that our team is working. Our organizers and volunteers are relentlessly hitting doors and calling voters. Our mail-in ballot numbers are exceeding expectations. We have a story to tell and it resonates with voters. 

On our podcast this week, Wes Moore shared some advice that he received from Madam Speaker Jones and it’s very relevant here: Just be you. Don’t spend a moment trying to be like them. Make them try to be like you. Keep that in mind.

The key about our ticket is their character. There are some people who are politicians and try to do good. Our ticket are genuinely good humans who happen to do politics. 

We also remind voters and our teams that November 8 isn’t a finish line. It’s the starting point in this new era of Maryland. An era where no matter what your zip code is, no matter what your family background or financial status is, you’ll have a prominent seat at the table. You’ll have a voice in determining the next decade for Maryland. This is not a moment, it’s a movement (I saw Hamilton at the Hippodrome this week so had to add a Hamilton line in here). 

And on November 8, we can all embrace the moment and the history that is being made when it’s announced that we’ve won all the way up and down the ballot – that’s the key wins up and down the WHOLE ballot. Seven days and a wake-up to go, let’s work. 

What happened last week?

A poll came out that showed Wes leading big over Dan Cox. October polls don’t mean anything on election night. Have a mindset that we’re down 10, and let’s keep working. 

The only thing to take from the poll were the key issues at the forefront of voters’ minds. The top 5 issues were: reproductive freedoms, inflation, womens’ rights, economy and crime. Those are all issues where our candidates have strong morals and policy ideas. The other side has either regressive or non-existent thoughts on all five of those issues. 

On the campaign trail:

Our talented and dynamic comms advisor, Ernest Bailey, has put together weekly talking points on our gubernatorial matchup. A few key ones are below: 

  • This past week, Wes Moore and Aruna Miller continued their bus tour across the state and met with Marylanders participating in early voting.
  • At the end of the week, the Moore campaign released its latest finance report, showing a staggering surge in grassroots support across Maryland in the final weeks of the election, with more than 70 percent of donations coming from those giving $100 or less and over 20,000 individual donors.
  • Instead of working to earn votes, the Cox campaign continues to demonstrate that its foremost priority is to rile up its conspiratorial MAGA supporters by baselessly casting doubt on the legitimacy of this election.
    • Last week, Cox launched a voter intimidation campaign, calling for volunteers to police election drop boxes overnight, to “photograph and video any suspicious activity” and even encouraging confronting voters. Cox’s team dubbed this the “Stop the Maryland Steal” campaign.
    • Also last week, the Cox campaign denied press access to a rally from which footage leaked showing a speaker encouraging supporters to “Vote on November 8th as late in the day as possible,” adding that everyone standing “in long, long lines at 6 o’clock” would help them.
    • These anti-democratic efforts come just weeks after the Cox campaign was revealed to be working with an election conspiracy group to recruit 600 volunteers to prepare to launch an Arizona-style hand count audit the morning after the election. Before that, Cox made the main theme of his campaign an effort to delay this year’s election results, along with his continual refusal to commit to accepting results post-election. Cox is clearly laying the groundwork to deny this year’s election results just as he continues to contest the 2020 presidential election results.

In the News: 

Maryland Democratic Party Talking Points

For Oct. 24, 2022

What’s MDP saying this week?

We’re excited to make history here in Maryland in two weeks. We’re going to lead the way for the rest of the country. They’ll be able to look at us, and say ‘wow, that’s how things should be.’ Diversity, inclusion, joy. A slate of representatives that look like, and carry themselves like, the people they represent. 

The other side? Well they’ve had a week, haven’t they? Video surfaced of Dan Cox – our gubernatorial opponent and the standard-bearer of Maryland’s Republican Party – accepting a gift from the Proud Boys during his Primary Night Party a few months ago. The man elected as the leader of the GOP in Maryland eagerly accepting a gift from a group that proudly spews anti-semetic, racist, and hateful rhetoric. A white nationalist group that proudly stormed the Capitol during last year’s insurrection. And Dan Cox smiles, shakes his hand, accepts the gift and asks his name. We’re not shocked, we’re not surprised. We’re disappointed … as usual. And his claim that he couldn’t hear the greeting and gift presentation from the racist insurrectionist is pathetic because he left it up on his campaign site for months. He knew exactly what he was doing. 

And for an encore performance, Cox no-showed an event his campaign had been promoting without bothering to notify supporters. Sounds like a bit of … disarray. 

Even the Baltimore Banner had this to say about Cox: “It’s not entirely clear what Cox’s path to victory is. His campaign has been disorganized, not responding to reporters’ questions, not publicizing the candidate’s events and pulling out from scheduled appearances.”

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. He’s showing that he doesn’t care about Marylanders. He’s shown he doesn’t care about women’s rights. He doesn’t care about you, your family, your neighbors, or any community in Maryland other than his QAnon bubble. He only cares about making daddy Trump happy, and happily celebrating with racist hate groups. That is who he is. He’s showing you. So believe him. And on November 8th, we’ll make sure he has no chance of coming anywhere near a victory.

We don’t want to just win. We want a landslide. We want a mandate. And we’re going to earn it.

So let’s go win this week.

What happened last week?

Dan Cox made a fool of himself, again. See above.

On the campaign trail:

Our outstanding comms advisor, Ernest Bailey, has put together weekly talking points on our gubernatorial opponent – Dan Cox. A few key ones are below: 

  • The Washington Post highlighted a video showing that on the night of his primary victory, Dan Cox accepted “a present from Maryland Proud Boys” given to him by a man wearing a black polo shirt with a Proud Boys insignia. Cox not only accepted the gift but chose weeks later to upload footage of him receiving the gift to a campaign account, only deleting the video after being contacted by the Washington Post.
  • The Proud Boys are a well-known white supremacist group that led major breaches of the Capitol on January 6th, playing a leading role in the effort to block Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. More than 40 members of the group were indicted in connection with the insurrection.
  • The post-primary gift is not Cox’s only connection to the Proud Boys. The day before the insurrection, Cox made a statement in support of Proud Boys’ Leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio. Tarrio was indicted and arrested for his role in planning the attack in March 2022 and, in June, he and four associates were charged with seditious conspiracy. 
  • Cox claimed he did not hear that the comb was “a present from Maryland Proud Boys.” The video of the encounter, however, was a part of a batch of nine short videos uploaded in August, weeks after Cox’s primary victory. Of the eight which remain undeleted, five feature interactions with supporters, averaging under a minute in length. The clip was not plucked from hours of footage. It defies all logic to claim that the Cox campaign was unaware of the contents of the video. 
  • After skipping out on community leaders to fly to Florida for a fundraiser at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Cox was conspicuously silent about the event, refusing to answer questions from the press and opting not to promote the event at all on his social media pages.
  • Cox claimed weeks ago that Trump was helping his campaign “without anything back to him.” Maryland law states that “A person may contribute directly or indirectly no more than $6,000 to one political committee during the election cycle,” raising questions as to how Cox has benefitted from the photos with he and Trump, advertised at $25,000. 
  • While Cox kept quiet about his time with the unpopular former president, he ended the week promoting meeting Ted Cruz and an endorsement from Rep. Matt Gaetz.
  • With many questions remaining regarding Cox’s time with the former president, a week after the fundraiser a new report details Trump having convened a series of in-person meetings and conference calls to lay the groundwork to challenge the 2022 midterm election results, as Cox has been doing in Maryland.


  • Marylanders and the press are taking notice that Barry Glassman’s voting record is out of step with the mainstream of Maryland. He is out of step on abortion, marriage equality, guns, schools, supporting working families, the environment and much more. 
  • We called him out on social this week, and he’s posted photos of himself and Trump together while pretending like he’s not part of the MAGA wing. When asked by the press about it, he refused to distance himself from Donald Trump: “Glassman did not answer specific questions about where and when the photo with Trump was taken or if the men exchanged any words.” 
  • The Washington Post did a great profile of Anthony Brown, check it out here.
  • And, Politico highlighted Wes’ candidacy—saying he is “on the rise.” 

Maryland Democratic Party Talking Points

For Oct. 17, 2022

What’s MDP saying this week? We continue to hit the GOP from different angles every day, while simultaneously lifting our party and our ticket. 

First, a quick reminder that political campaigns can be the target of some shady activity from the outside so if you’re part of the coordinated campaign and you get any questions regarding attacks on any of our candidates, you direct them to me or Saif, and we’ll handle it or we’ll work with the individual campaign to handle it. If you get an odd request from someone outside of the team or someone claiming to be the press, and it doesn’t feel right, direct them to me or Saif. 


We’re no longer months away from Election Day, we’re just weeks away. And we haven’t taken a single day for granted or slowed down a bit. Our party from top to bottom is sprinting through the finish line. These last few weeks and months have felt great – especially that dominant debate performance this week – but we want November 8th, 9th, and every day after that to feel even greater. We don’t want to just win. We want a landslide. We want a mandate. And we’re going to have it.

There’s a clear choice on the ballot between ignorance on one side and joy on the other. Hate and divisiveness on one side, character and unity on the other. Wes and Aruna – and our whole ticket – carry our hopes on their shoulders. They’re doing their part, now we must do ours and lift them as strongly as we can. 

Take a second to imagine with me. We wake up November 9th with Wes, Aruna, Brooke and Anthony leading our state. History right before our eyes. That’s the dream, isn’t it? 

We must work for that. We feel tired, but this isn’t the time to slow down. Just keep pushing. Whatever you have left in the tank, use it now. Because the alternative to that dream is the possibility of a group of extreme MAGA Republicans, radical alt-right conspiracy theorists and Confederate sympathizers leading our state with a QAnon flag hanging from the Governor’s Mansion. That’s the nightmare. 

So we must work to make sure that we get Democrats elected up and down the ballot. The other side doesn’t slow down. Their new party leader made it quite clear on that debate stage this week how he feels about women’s rights, reproductive freedoms, and democracy itself. They’re dangerous, they work from the shadows, and they don’t rest. And neither will we. 

Our messaging is clear and concise. Our organization from top to bottom is talented, hard-working and energetic. Our volunteers are knocking thousands of doors each week. They’re in every corner of Maryland right now as I write this making sure we get the votes we need. 

Let’s work this week.

What happened last week?

We held a press conference last week at our HQ in Annapolis calling out Dan Cox and his awful thoughts on womens rights, specifically reproductive rights. 

The Maryland Republican Party is reeling. They unsuccessfully attempted to hold a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Arnold. Yes, that’s the same name as the deadly events in Charlottesville, which goes to show exactly what the MD GOP idolizes and hopes to be. Once word got out, almost all of the GOP elected officials who were scheduled to attend (including Dan Cox) ran away from the event, and it came out afterward that they had never even booked the restaurant that they were advertising as their location. GOP in disarray. 

Simply put, our next governor dominated the debate stage last week. It will be the only debate between the two gubernatorial candidates and he made us proud. And then he celebrated his birthday with his family, volunteers, supporters, and Dems from across the state at Camden Yards.

On the campaign trail:

Our outstanding comms advisor, Ernest Bailey, has put together a weekly talking points doc on our gubernatorial opponent – Dan Cox. A few key ones are below: 

Today, Wes Moore is officially launching his bus tour, campaigning in Frederick and Hagerstown while his opponent hops on a plane to fundraise with Trump at Mar-A-Lago.

  • Wes Moore continues to make his case to voters across all media. This week, he launched a new ad, What They’re Made Of. The ad highlights Wes’ patriotism and military service and is even running on Fox News. From the beginning of his campaign, Wes Moore has been committed to reaching as many voters as possible, no matter their party ID.
  • Cox skipped out on a forum attended by over a thousand faith and community leaders to instead hop on a flight to Palm Beach in order to cozy up to Donald Trump at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser, where tickets are nearly $2,000 and they are charging bundlers $25,000 for a photo of him and Trump.
  • Cox says he and Trump talk “regularly” about his campaign and Trump has “promised to carry [him] through the finish line.” Cox’s history demonstrates he will always put the MAGA agenda first, from promoting 2020 election conspiracy theories to working aiding Trump’s legal effort to overturn the election to his threat to use Maryland’s national guard and the state police to protect Trump


  • Our next comptroller – Brooke Lierman – put out a great new ad this week highlighting the fact that Brooke will be an independent voice for Marylanders and will look out for their values and tax dollars
  • Heather Mizeur’s campaign announced they’re hosting an Election Night Watch Party on Kent Island

What do we say to voters who think we have this election in the bag (This was included last week but is still relevant): Voters might see poll numbers or they might hear how we’re a blue state and assume this election is wrapped up. That kind of indifference won’t work and we don’t want that kind of complacency. The recent poll numbers are reflecting the Democratic momentum of our candidates and the campaign. Good news for us, but we have to remind them that polls have been wrong before, specifically in this same race in 2014 and 2018. We need to continue to build on this momentum and give a decisive victory to our whole ticket. The only poll that matters is Nov. 8. Additionally, we remind voters that reproductive freedom is on the ballot. Safety and equity are on the ballot. Economic and educational advances are on the ballot. A Maryland led by Dan Cox with a QAnon flag hanging outside the Governor’s Mansion is the biggest threat to democracy our state has seen. We’ve also seen how slim majorities in Congress lead to gridlock and we can’t afford that in Maryland if we want Governor Moore and our ticket to have a chance to make real change. This new era will need a supermajority in the General Assembly and as many Democrats in office as possible.


We have Heather Mizeur, Jessica Fitzwater and Jacob Day coming on the podcast this week, then Wes Moore next week! Tune in!